Starting Your YouTube Channel | YouTube 101

Starting Your YouTube Channel | YouTube 101


YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms in the world which has a wide audience and can be used to reach a variety of different people and communities. The platform allows anyone to upload and share videos, making it accessible for anyone to start their channel. YouTube also offers a very strong monetization system, allowing creators to earn money through ads, sponsorships, and other revenue streams.

Before you start...

There are several things you should consider doing to ensure that your channel is set up for success:

  1. Define your niche: Identify the topic or area that you want to focus on for your channel. Knowing your niche will help you create content that appeals to a specific audience.

  2. Research your competition: Look at other channels in your niche and see what they're doing well and what you can do differently to stand out.

  3. Create a content plan: Plan out the types of videos you want to create, how often you want to upload, and what your overall goals are for your channel.

  4. Branding: Create a consistent look and feel for your channel through your channel logo, channel art, and branding elements, so decide your brand feel.

  5. Get the right equipment (if possible not necessary): Make sure you have the necessary equipment to create high-quality videos, such as a good camera and microphone.

We will discuss everything that is mentioned above in this series and first of all, let's start your channel.

Start Your Channel

Follow these steps to start your channel

  • Create a Google account, To start your YouTube channel.

  • You'll first need to create a Google account. This can be done by going to the Google sign-up page and entering your basic information.

  • Sign in to YouTube Once you have a Google account.

  • Once you reach YouTube, click the profile button where you will see the Create a Channel option.

  • Click the option, you will be prompted to write your channel name, logo and handler (Pick wisely after reading the entire article).

  • YEP, that's it! Your channel is ready to go...!

A good YouTube channel logo should be:

  • Simple and recognizable: A simple and recognizable logo will help people identify and remember your channel.

  • Scalable: A logo that can be scaled to different sizes without losing quality, since it will be used in different places such as a profile picture, banner and video thumbnails.

  • Relevant: The logo should be relevant to the content of your channel and align with your brand identity.

  • High-resolution: Your logo should be in high resolution, this way it will look crisp and clear on all devices.

  • Versatile: A logo that can be used in different contexts and color schemes, this way you can use it in different places and designs.

  • Memorable: A logo that is memorable and stands out from the competition will help people remember your channel and keep coming back.

  • Consistent: Keep in mind that your logo will be used across all your social media and website, so it should be consistent with your overall branding.

Channel Name:

Your channel must be:

  • Memorable: A name that is easy to remember will help people find and subscribe to your channel more easily.
  • Relevant: The name should be related to the content of your channel so that it's clear what your channel is about.
  • Unique: A name that is not already being used by another channel will make it easier for people to find your channel.

  • Short and simple: A short and simple name is easier to remember and type into a search bar.

  • Brandable: If you plan on using your YouTube channel as a business or to promote your brand, the name should align with your brand identity.

  • Handler friendly: Your channel name must unique enough so that you can use it as a handler.

It's also important to consider that a YouTube channel name can not be changed once it's created, so choose a name that you are comfortable with for the long term and that you can stick with it.

Upcoming Article:

In conclusion, starting a YouTube channel can be a great way to share your passions and interests with the world and even make some money in the process. While YouTube is a free platform, it's important to remember that to gain fame and monetize your channel, you need to provide value to your audience. By creating high-quality content that is relevant and appealing to your target audience, you'll be able to grow your channel and monetize it. The upcoming articles in this series will help you to provide that value.

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