How I started a club in my college? 🤝

How I started a club in my college? 🤝

“You’re happiest while you’re making the greatest contribution.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Well, he is right and it gives us the satisfaction of completing something bigger. I am always fond of sharing my knowledge and I have been trying my best to do that. COVID-19 did many things to us including killing people, it also gave me the time to explore and enrich myself. Before the Lockdown was revoked, I was writing blogs, publishing podcasts, recording videos and doing some merch designing and social media influencing and also studying for college - Basically, I was overwhelmed and didn’t have enough time to concentrate on a single thing. When I went to college, it was like taking a deep breath from all the activities, it gave me some calmness and clarity about Multitasking.

Multitasking is a joke!

From my experience, you will not achieve anything good from multitasking. So I decided to single-tasking and concentrated on my college.

An Idea 💡#


I had 99% attendance in my fifth semester. It felt like I had to do something more and contribute to my college. I learned a lot during the lockdown and I wanted to share my knowledge with my friends and gain expertise in different fields. Our college didn’t have any clubs regarding technology, so I took the initiative to our CSE Head of the Department, she gave her full support and told me to do whatever was necessary to start a well-established student-organized club.


I named the club after college called GCES Coderz. From college we have been issued an official email address -, we started to host our site in GitHub Pages and hosted our blog in Hashnode. All the work began and we created our community in discord and established a management board of 30 members including me.

Where to start 🤪

Domain Awareness Program e0.0.1:

I decided to do a program called Domain Awareness Program where I took my time to research different fields in computer science and explained about different domains available in the market and took my time to explain the club and its benefits and convinced nearly 80 members from third year and second year to join the club.

Diablo Enters again 🦠️


Once again, the COVID cases started to increase and lockdown came into action but the club had its foundation laid, so we decided to utilize the Lockdown and we wanted to bring everyone from Beginner to Intermediate level, so everyone took it as a challenge and we conducted a program called Entry Level Training Program. All the Team Leaders designed the syllabus accordingly and everyone started to learn. This club is all about guidance, so we gave our maximum support to all the members during the lockdown.

Coderz Annual Event

As the year came to end, we decided to host an event every year called Coderz Annual Event. Since this is the first year, we just had a report submission by every team leader.

Freshers on campus

After a month, Lockdown was revoked again, we came to college and the first years arrived on campus and I went to the class conducted the domain awareness program again but this time I am not alone, 4 Team Heads came with me and we went as a group.

So Far... So Good


Using the club we requested many things like GitHub Campus Program, AWS Academy and more. I am taking all the initiatives to bring all different companies and their programs. Within a month, we got GitHub Campus Program on our campus and many students got different programs. I explained about GitHub Campus Program to all the members and our members attended:

  • GitHub Workshop and Hackathon

  • GitHub Externship 2022 and

  • Even all students got to know about GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Future awaits#


I took a break from all my work and contributed to the club. I believe “Everything Happens For A Reason”. These club activities motivated me to improve my communication skills and learned a lot about collaboration. I decided to participate in club activities till my 7th semester and let’s see how that goes..!

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